Writing Samples

I have experience writing for a variety of audiences. Below are a selection of quotes from various pieces I’ve written. Linked are the pieces in their entirety.

Writing For The Press

“This short film is the culmination of Susman’s time at Shepherd, as well as a year long research and production process looking at the drug epidemic, various adaptations of the Jekyll and Hyde Story, and adaptation theory as a whole.”

Press Release For Dr. J & Mr. H, My Senior Capstone Film

Opinion Writing

“How ironic is it that the product being advertised with “Country Roads” is a product that many West Virginians wouldn’t be able to use. Google Home is a voice-control product that allows the user to control various devices in their home. Of course, these products all rely on the user having a reliable wifi network.”

WV Must Solve It’s Broadband Internet Problem – Letter To The Editor Of The Charleston Gazette Mail

Academic Writing

“While some of the images referenced above date as far back as World War Two, the majority of them are from Coca-Cola’s 2016 “Taste The Feeling” Campaign. This shows that these codes, themes and conventions are still very much at play in todays society”

Have A Coke & A Sign – A Semiotic Analysis Of Feminism in Coca-Cola Ads


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